Heritage Park Museum of East Texas

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The Tom Cat Cafe was built in 1920 and was often referred to as "The Bloody Bucket" because of the many fights and wild drinking of bootleg whiskey.  It was a favorite stop for the notorious bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. 

This one-room frame school house was built in Myrtle Springs.  This structure is authentically restored with 1920's era desks.  

The Gilliam Gas Station was located on Highway 80 from 1920 to 1965.  The original 1920's structure burned and was rebuilt in 1936.  Many stories were swapped around the store's old wood heater on rainy days.  

Church in the Wildwood is considered the jewel of Heritage Park as it represents Edgewood's religious heritage spanning more than 100 years and is still used for various life celebrations, wedding being the most popular.

rustic fence 

Rustic Fence with Plow

This log barn is an example of a single-crib barn with animal stables and equipment storage.  The barn was one of the most important buildings on the farmstead.  

The Spradlin's log house, built in 1898, uses the "dogtrot" style commonly found in East Texas.  The breezeway in the middle was used for working and sleeping during the hot, sultry, dog-days of summer.

Come get your hair cut in our barber shop!  One of the fun things to do during our featival!

The Scott cabin with its crude, square hewn and square notched logs was built in 1874 on Sabine River by James Scott. Scott, his wife and seven children lived in this cabin, the oldest structure in the Heritage Park Museum. 
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